Crypto Arbitrage VIP Review: Is it Legit or Scam 2022

With the many prospects it offers, this platform is almost irresistible for every serious bitcoin investor. It is very important to do a proper review of Crypto Arbitrage VIP’s best crypto arbitrage platform. This will help you know more about them and confidently say if they are legit or scams.

Crypto arbitrage VIP Review

If they turn out real this will encourage you to throw in more dollars and if on the contrary, they aren’t trustworthy it will help you from falling victim.

So either way, this article will make you earn more from your bitcoin investments or prevent you from losing your hard-earned crypto assets.

With the 340% return, it promises it is very tempting not to give it a second look but before you jump on it make sure you will not lose more trying to grab 340% ROI.

A lot of the websites I reached out to while trying to put together this post actually believe crypto arbitrage VIP was created with the intent to defraud the unsuspecting public; are we concluding the platform to be a scam? No, not yet.

I did proper and in-depth research to bring you the real truth about this crypto arbitrage platform.

What is Crypto Arbitrage:

Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a difference in the price. There are three types of arbitrage: triangular, sequential, and simultaneous.
Crypto arbitrage is the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies on different exchanges to take advantage of price differences. For example, if bitcoin is selling for $10,000 on one exchange but only $9,500 on another, a crypto arbitrageur would buy bitcoin on the first exchange and sell it on the second. This can be done quickly and easily with online tools like Arbitraging.
Types of Arbitrage:
1. Triangular arbitrage:
It is when an asset is bought in one market and sold in another market to profit from a price difference. This type of arbitrage can be done with stocks, bonds, currencies, or commodities.

2. Sequential arbitrage:
It is when an asset is bought in one market and then sold in another market after a short period of time. The goal is to take advantage of small price discrepancies that may occur during the short time period.

3. Simultaneous arbitrage
It is when two or more markets have the same price for an asset. In this case, the goal is to buy the asset in one market and sell it immediately in another market to earn a profit.
What’s this platform all about?

The proponents of this idea built it on the idea of a physical and digital market. The physical market is what we are already used to while the digital market is the evolving trend and everyone is trying to plug into it.

The idea is to buy cheap from one market and sell high in another market thereby gathering profit.


The company markets itself as a platform for doubling bitcoins offering investors the opportunity to double their bitcoin and other crypto-assets instantly. The also boasts of giving out payments in less than 24 hours.

The doubled bitcoin will be sent to the BTC address you are required to submit while signing up with the platform.

They also offer rewards in form of bitcoin when you recruit others to join the platform.

Requirements for doubling your bitcoins with Crypto Arbitrage Vip

1. Have a BTC wallet address provided

2. Make bitcoin payment for doubling

3. Wait one day to be paid to double your donation

Another thing that raises an eyebrow about who they really are, is the outrageous offer to give you 1.5 BTC in 10 days if you provide 1BTC.

Even if you have a soft heart that is quick to believe every offer people throw at you, you’d certainly question this offer. What are they into that they can give you 50% profit in 10 days?

If they had such wit at turning bitcoin values around within such a short time why are they still requiring more money investments from people?

Pros and cons of crypto arbitrage

A. Things we know about Crypto Arbitrage VIP

The company tried the best they could do in letting us know or believe what they can offer but failed to explain certain important details about themselves.

1. Founders’ real identity isn’t known

2. No real office address, all they provide is a vague address

3. No clear definition of what they stand to gain, all they preach is being able to double funds and pay back to investors. We don’t know their gains in all of this.

4. There is no record of any fee which the platform charges investors, so how then do they make money? Are they father Christmas? How will they double the funds and not make anything inside?

5. They failed to offer reliable information about them and how they operate.

6. They claim they are not an MLM company but failed to tell us who they really are.

B. Are they scam or Legit:

You can judge from our tone that we don’t believe they are truly genuine. At least we have not seen enough reasons to tag them legit and worthy of entrusting them with funds. Below we will give you all the reasons why we consider them another scam company like the one that ran away with your funds the last time.

Why do we consider VIP Crypto Arbitrage Scam?

If you are a newbie investor you will likely jump to their enticing offer but if you have been in the industry for some time you’d already know some of the reasons we consider them a scam platform that is out to defraud people.

1. They promise bogus returns that are not realistic

Even banks can’t give you 340% returns holding your money for 10 years so also their claim of giving you up to 340% ROI makes the platform suspicious.

They are not plucking bitcoins from trees so you should already know this percentage they are promising is not achievable. The idea is to make you an offer you can’t say no to and this is a ploy to lure more people into this shady business.

2. Last deposits chart on their website is curated from

They provide a section of their website for showing data believed to be last deposits or transactions but these claims are false. This data was actually curated from transactions on the blockchain website and doesn’t in any way represent the number of transactions on their website.

3. They lack honesty and transparency:

You hardly find an element of truth in what the company portrays itself to be. A close look will make you realize how dishonest they are and how they failed to openly tell investors the exact plans they have for the funds. The website lacks proper details of products and services, how many customers they have, and how they generate revenue to pay the bogus amount they promise to return.

They also didn’t share enough information on how they achieved a doubling of the invested bitcoins and also no trace of the real founders of the business in case they fail and one decides to institute legal action against them.

4. Investors are identified with a bitcoin address only:

To join the platform you are to submit just a bitcoin address and nothing is known about you, your name, or any other information that represents you isn’t captured.

They employed this strategy to sell the message of anonymous transactions to beginners who are new to crypto trading. But if you ask me, this is just a way to tell you that any amount invested is more like a free-will donation you’re offering the scammers.

By not having a real name for transactions on the platform it will be almost impossible to trace those involved in the scheme and there will be no case since you don’t have any real evidence that you’re a registered member of the platform.

5. Website design is poor:

They just have a one-page website without internal links, they made it this way so you don’t spend too much time on the site trying to study the nitty-gritty of the fake scheme. You’d just arrive at the landing page, make your anonymous donations and go.

6. No working model Arbitrage system

This simply means they are only out to deceive, cheat and reap people off their money. This is similar to the popular antic employed by a binance twitter hacker who reaped gullible investors to the tune of $100K in just a day.

Real arbitrage trading involves purchasing bitcoins at a low and selling higher which isn’t what Crypto arbitrage VIP is into.

They didn’t even make mention of doing arbitrage trading on their websites rather they kept dishing out big talks of how they can double funds in a short time.

6. Too many grammatical flaws on their website

The company which boasts of a large pool of crypto assets could not afford professional website service.

The number of grammatical flaws on the site will make you know the platform was obviously done in a hurry to reap off as many persons as possible.

7. Bogus claims:

According to them, they’re trying to put together the largest company in the world and by just investing with them they believe you’ve won. They are quick to point you to their fake investors’ portfolios and don’t employ any other effective means of advertisement.

8. It is a get rich quick

When last did you see a get-rich-quick that leaves up to its promises? Once you see a company trying to get people rich quickly then know another scam is around the corner. It is just a ploy to take the little money you have saved.


Crypto arbitrage Vip is nothing but a mere scam and should be avoided as much as possible except if you love losing money. This review just like many more out there has gone far to prove there is nothing legit about them. They are just a bunch of greedy individuals out there trying to separate your money from you so be wise and shine your eyes.

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