How To Block Loan Apps From Accessing Your Contact And Data: 2 Easy Ways

Okay, guys in today’s article I’m going to share or show you how you can actually block all these loan apps from accessing your contacts. Maybe you have taken a loan before and these apps load up messages disturbing your contacts, messaging people that they are not supposed to message on your phone that you are running away with their money.
I know how loan apps work in Nigeria yeah, so today I’m going to show you ‘all how to block them from accessing your contact, they won’t be able to have access to call any of your contacts, and they will not have access to message you anyhow anymore.
I’m going to show you how you can block them from accessing your contacts even after getting a loan from them. How to protect your contacts from loan apps has been demystified in this article.
In case you are in need of a loan and wondering how you can get a loan I have written about this in my other article on how to get a loan in Nigeria, in that article you’ll discover you can actually get a loan up to 300 000 with rest of mind since at the end you will block them from assessing your contacts. How do I get a loan app to stop calling my contacts? Let’s find out.
After applying the method I’ll teach you, they can only succeed to call you but they cannot do anything about the accounts and contacts on your phone.
Even when they send you the money, you can still put your money in the same account you put your money in, and be rest assured they won’t charge you without permission.
They will not be able to withdraw the money, the only thing they can do is call you requesting you send their money back to them which you should always do.
Without wasting much of your time, here is a quick intro, my name is Gideon and on this blog, I teach easy and simple ways to make money both online and offline.
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How To Stop Loan Shark Harassment In Nigeria?

Are you in the illegal loans app harassment dilemma and you are asking how do I stop an app from accessing your contact and information then this part is for you. Here are two ways to block illegal loan apps now.
1. The first thing to do is to go to your setting on your phone, locate settings and click on to open then locate applications (that’s apps on our phone) and click manage.
Once you click on apps and management it will bring out options that allow you to grant or restrict permissions after which you set your preferences and that’s it.
For any given app you can click on permission and decide if you will allow it to view your contact. We want to prevent loan apps from getting our contacts list so the ideal thing is to deny them access to our contact list.
Most apps of this nature will also update prompt messages asking you to allow them to use your location, camera, and contacts. All that is required is to set it as “don’t allow”.
This is the most powerful tool you can use to prevent these loan apps from invading your privacy. For instance, if I allow them to assess my contacts that means they can have access to my contacts or the contacts in my phone, they can send anyone a call or message saying Gideon is owing them money or ran away with company money.

2. Also, update your location settings, click and select what you don’t allow, and also on nearby devices click on what not to Allow.
Also, there is an option to prevent them from calling you, you can only set this in extreme cases. For this guide, I don’t recommend it. Always take loans that you can repay.

Next is to clear the cache and go to the storage area of the applications to view its caching and what’s on storage. Here data collected from your device is stored and if you can clear them it will be automatically erased. It includes the file settings and database. You are required to click on delete now or clear.
If you do this whenever they want to access your contacts it will not open for them but will malfunction on their own end, they’ll likely think it’s a network problem and may be confused about what is happening.


If I were you I’ll take a loan of say N300 000 for business. What you will do is uninstall the app once you are credited and forget about them till you are ready to pay.
Observe all that we discussed above, after you must have worked with their money for like a year and you have gotten back their money to pay them you open the same applications, enable data service, and send that money.

So that is how you can block them from disturbing you and disturbing your contacts, so guys I think we are done here Thanks for reading, see you next time, love you, please don’t forget to like and drop the comments I’ll be here to reply.

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