Best Loan Apps In Nigeria 2022

Getting a loan in Nigeria is easier than it has ever been thanks to the margins of new loan apps and fintech startups in an already overcrowded market. However, it seems like that many may not be as good as you’re imagining.
Hi dear, you are welcome to another exciting piece of tech article on gigi today I’ll be writing about the Best loan apps in Nigeria. Have you been looking for an application or website or where you can get a quick loan in Nigeria I would advise you to read this article to the end.
These are platforms that can come through for you whenever you need instant cash, without wasting much time let me give you some of the best loan apps in Nigeria. You can try them out today.

Top Loan Apps in Nigeria

Fairmoney app

Fairmoney started as a lending application but it has grown into a full-fledged fintech company now. It is one of the most popular loan platforms in Nigeria, for being a sure source of cash for expenses like business, education, health or even to pay your rent or school fees.
Whatever you need money or instant cash for, you can always bet on fair money to come through for you. The best part of the app is that you can get a loan without any guarantor, collateral or even documentation.
You can also borrow any amount from one thousand naira to one million naira and the entire approval process for a loan only takes minutes.
They are licensed by the central bank of Nigeria and all your deposits are insured by the NDIC.


The next platform that I’ll be suggesting to you if you need a quick loan for anything whatsoever is carbon. If you’re after a loan app without BVN requirement in android, that is if you’re looking for an application or a website or wherever you can get a loan without necessarily asking for your BVN I want you to think about carbon.
The carbon loan app is one of the best options you find anywhere in Nigeria today to borrow money from, it was formerly called paylater. The app is one of the oldest in the Nigerian lending Industry and it has been disbursing loans as early as 2016.
In addition to offering instant loans for up to 1 million naira, the carbon app also lets you save money to earn interest as high as 15.5% percent interest.
If you’re looking for a quick loan app you know this is one of the app you should definitely try out today and you will not regret trying out carbon.


Let’s move on to the next lending App that i’ll be suggesting to you if you need instant cash right it is called Branch. The branch app owned by Matthew Flannery, is one of the best lending apps in Nigeria and Africa.
It’s also one of the few that doesn’t mandate you to provide your bvn before assessing a loan in Nigeria.
The company operates in four different countries in Africa namely Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. It is also in India and Mexico.
The company also operates with different terms and conditions across the different countries that it operates. For now, Branch offers customers loans up to 500 000 naira, a limit you can gradually approach by building your credit score, as you sign up for the branch app you can assess a loan in under 24 hours by giving them access to the information that they require.
When you borrow from Branch, you have to pay back within an assigned loan time that can range from 4 to 52 weeks.
Loans accrue interest anywhere from 17 to 40% depending on your duration and your terms of repayment. Branch is one of the most guaranteed platforms that offer real cash or loan without collateral or prior documentation.

Aella credits

The next best loan app in Nigeria that you should try out today is Aella credits. Aella credits app was initially launched as a loan platform for employees of companies within its network but due to the rapid success of the app, it has quickly expanded from serving a few companies to becoming a full-fledged fintech platform that serves the whole of Nigeria.
You can assess loans from 1500 naira to a million naira with monthly interest rates ranging from 2-20%. It is one of the lowest interest rates in Nigeria compared to other fintech apps in this category.
It also offers a payment feature that lets you access basic payment services from the comfort of your app. On the app, you can pay for internet data, airtime, , and bank transfers etc. without exiting the app.


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