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Best Coins to Invest In for Big Profits

 Make more money this year by investing in one of the best coins to invest in, in 2022, and get amazing profits as a reward. 

 Make more money this year by investing in one of the best coins to invest in, in 2022, and get amazing profits as a reward. 

What makes a coin a good investment?

There are some key things to look for when deciding whether or not a coin is worth investing in.
One important factor to consider is the team behind the coin.
Does the team have a solid track record of success? Are they reputable and credible?
Another thing to look at is the technology behind the coin. Is it innovative and does it have the potential to be successful?
Finally, it’s important to do your research and understand the market conditions before investing in any coin.

Expert traders know where not to invest,  they don’t throw money into just any opportunity that springs up. Investing in the right place is the best decision you’d make for your financial future.  Below is a list of the best coins for investment in 2022 despite the dip in the prices of Crypto assets which hit us hard this last week of January.

Coins to watch in 2022 Bitcoin

The recent drop in the price of bitcoin shouldn’t scare you. We have seen it happen countless times and we can beat our chest with confidence that bitcoin will rise again. It will pull back even higher than its all-time highest value that we saw in November last year. 

Seasoned traders know that when the price of bitcoin falls it is buying time; you acquire more digital assets and wait for another boom so you can sell and make some profit.  It is common knowledge that the bitcoin market and other cryptocurrencies will eventually correct themselves after a dip.

This knowledge of the ups and downs of bitcoin is what helps big traders make their money. In the crypto business, you must take a stand and stake on risk. 

As of the time of writing this post, bitcoin is sold at $36K  but this shouldn’t deter you. Experts forecast the price of bitcoin will get to an all-time high of 100K USD by the end of 2022.

 The bitcoin plunge which we are experiencing was attributed to different factors including uncertain interest rates in the USA and UK which have led many to sell off, the ban of cryptocurrency in China, and the news suggesting Russia may impose stiffer sanctions on crypto mining and trading.  A lot of people are too scared to remain in the market and are now selling off. This is not the first time things like this have affected the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but we are hoping for the best which always comes true. 

The demand for bitcoin is high and you can always be sure of taking home some profits as the forces of demand and supply cause prices to fluctuate. 

A lot of businesses now adopt bitcoin as a means of exchange which will further increase the demand for this digital asset. Many also acquire and hold for long-term use.

This is the best time to buy since the price fall has made bitcoin less expensive. The bitcoin dollar value you would have bought in November of 2021 at $69K is now sold at $36K. 

You missed out on investing in bitcoin when it was sold for far less. Why miss out on it now. Then you were too scared to try yet your fears never saw daylight so why are you still scared? 

For investing in bitcoin I suggest you study the market, invest with spare money,  spread the risk, and invest as much as you can afford to forgo. 

You can invest in bitcoin currently by buying the coins from crypto exchange platforms, Buying shares in companies related to bitcoin and blockchain technology, investing in an ETF (a bitcoin traded fund), investing in bitcoin trends and options, etc. 

The best bitcoin form of investment remains to buy and sell using crypto exchanges. 


Just like bitcoin, the price of ether plunged into a dip.  This shouldn’t keep you from playing the crypto game. Real crypto investors and traders buy when the chips are down and sell during the boom. 

   Analysts forecast good fortunes for ether in 2022. They said ether is worth every penny you throw in.

With Ethereum undergoing different stages of the making of Ethereum 2.0 which started in 2020 makes them is one of the best coins to invest in. This new model of ether is hoping to reduce energy consumption by up to 99%.

  Like the BTC you can purchase and hold for the long term or sell short with price fluctuations.

Ethereum is currently capped at $2500 per ether based on data from coinmarketcap. 

Binance Coin (BNB)

As an investor, investing in balance coins is a step in the right direction. Recently the coin had price fluctuations meaning buyers now have the opportunity to acquire the asset. Crypto experts have plenty of prospects for the Binance coin in 2022, they believe it can rise up to $614.

  Expect more acceptance of Binance coins by investors this year. Many developers now show support for the Binance smart chain, and more tokens of balance coins are now traded on the Binance exchange. 

  Another positive about the coin is that it is a utility token that can be used for balance exchange transactions. It can also be used for purchases online; travel, entertainment, crypto credit bills, and gift cards can be sorted out using the Binance coin (BNB)

The coin stability is maintained using a feature called burning BNB. This also ensures continuous growth for investors. This burning feature makes it more scarce and raises its value. 

  You get lots of discounts for buying BNB and the fees charged on transactions are very low.  Transactions are instant and fees remain at 0.1% for all. 

    The downside of this coin is the fear that Chinese regulatory bodies can in the long run affect the BNB value. Also, the value is directly linked to the Binance exchange so any factor that affects the crypto exchange platform may affect the BNB. 

   BNB is barely 4 years old so we can’t vouch for its stability but still, it’s one of the best coins to invest in 2022.


Two big names Vitalik and Elon Musk are particularly involved in this club and many traders and experts have positive feelings about the romance between doge and these two. The expertise of these two has taken investors’ confidence to the peak and many are throwing millions into this crypto asset. 

  Tesla has adopted doge and holders can make purchases from them using doge. Joining the bandwagon won’t be a bad idea, if you ask me, I’d say so. You too can reap the benefits dogecoin has to offer. 

    The proponents of this coin say their mission isn’t to save the world but to make money. You can join them to make this money this 2022. They are hopeful dogecoin will gain more acceptance and popularity and will simultaneously skyrocket in value which makes them part of the best coins to invest in 2022.

Shiba Inu 

The current market crash is also affecting Shiba but acquiring some of it is still worth every penny. The Shiba ecosystem has improved tremendously and the team is bringing a lot to the table. 

   The coin had a remarkable 2021 and experts believe we might just see a replica of the 2021 experience in 2022.

   With the many changes including Doggy Dao, buying Shiba will be one of the best gifts you’d give yourself in 2022. In the last 24 hours, Shiba Inu has risen by 7.6% and ranks 14th on coinmarketcap as at the time of writing this article.  The projection is that these crypto’s value will plummet by the year 2023 making Shiba among the best crypto investments in 2022.


This cryptocurrency is built on a totally new technology called data oracle. Unlike others built solely on the blockchain, Chainlink data oracles provide data not available on the conventional blockchain and help connect them to the external world. They help blockchain work perfectly. App makers use them to ensure functionality. 

  Traders forecast blockchain technology adoption by more persons and companies will cause more persons to adopt chain link and chain link tokens. The future looks good for chainlink. Chainlink is a good investment and it’s one of the coins for the future.

XRP (Ripple) 

Previously ranked number 3 amongst most valuable digital assets until the unfortunate event that led to a series of legal battles between Ripple developers (Ripple Labs) and regulators in the USA causing the value to dip.

   There are hopes that legal battles will be concluded this 2022 and if that happens and Ripple Labs wins, there would be a sharp increase in the value of the coin. 

   My advice for future investors is to look out for the outcome of the ripple case and get ready to throw in dollars. 

   Investing in ripple is still a good investment despite the ordeals, investors have been able to make 346% of return on investment. We have covered a list of the best coins to invest in 2022.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these companies and are not directly endorsing them.  Carefully study the trends before investing your money, always use spare money and monitor the market to know when best to take profits. 

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