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Best Crypto Games To Make Money Fast In 2023

Making money has changed tremendously and so many of the things we do in the past as leisure that drifts us away from our jobs or the business we do to earn a living are now the things we can do and get paid for them while still deriving the joy and entertainment that comes with them. In this article, we will consider the best crypto games to make money from in 2023.

In the past money-making was different, our parents then would encourage us to work hard to earn but as we speak today, it is work smart and earn. If wealth were to be by hard work bricklayers should be among the top earners in the world.

Making money has changed tremendously and so many of the things we do in the past as leisure that drifts us away from our jobs or the business we do to earn a living are now the things we can do and get paid for them while still deriving the joy and entertainment that comes with them. In this article, we will consider the best crypto games to make money from in 2023.

In the past money-making was different, our parents then would encourage us to work hard to earn but as we speak today, it is work smart and earn. If wealth were to be by hard work bricklayers should be among the top earners in the world.

Previously you’d need virtual currencies to play certain games and these virtual currencies can be acquired in millions or billions depending on your expertise. Acquiring them was pretty easy but the sad truth was that no matter how much of the virtual currencies or points earned while playing these games they are unusable outside the game ecosystem so your efforts at earning them amount to nothing.

As technology, advanced game makers decided to explore blockchain for gaming by introducing Non-Fungible tokens which represented previous digital items like weapons, collectibles, and cosmetic skins seen in video games.

The introduction of NFTs for games gave users the right to transfer virtual assets to one another and earn cryptocurrencies in exchange, this was made possible by storing these NFTs on a blockchain.

This idea birthed the play-to-earn model of games which is why we consider the best crypto games that can help you earn as a topic of discussion.

Holders of these NFTs can retain the value beyond the lifespan of the game in question. So if you are wondering if it’s really possible to earn digital assets and tokens for doing simple tasks like playing video games then I can confidently tell you that it is possible. This earning system is a form of reward from game makers to users for time spent playing their games.

Gone are the days when people publish games with the sole purpose of giving you entertainment in exchange for making money of your time in the form of ads impression. With the advent of NFTs and blockchain technology everyone earns.

How Play to Earn Games Started {History}

If you were a game enthusiast around the early 2000s then you should already know about Warcraft and Runescape where users were made to spend real money to acquire game items or accounts from sites like eBay.

Another instance was Second life which made use of digital assets in their games and these assets resembled real-world assets of today. This happened a decade ago but the idea can be regarded as today’s metaverse forerunner.

The earliest success for blockchain technology for gaming was in 2017 was CryptoKitties by Dapper Labs. Many of the crypto games to earn today share similar ideas to the gamified market that was started by Dapper Labs.

Why NFT Games? Are NFTs profitable?

NFTs are the next big thing in the gaming industry and they employ blockchain technology for three main reasons:

1. Makes it decentralized, meaning it is for all to use and view.

2. Narrate ownership history

3. Make the assets immutable; blockchain assets can’t be edited or changed in the future.

NFT games are very profitable, while having fun you can acquire digital assets that can be traded with other users. These traded assets can be exchanged for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If you ask me I’ll recommend you play any of the best paying NFT games and earn while you have fun.

How do people make money playing Crypto Games?

From playing the games you earn NFTs (Cryptocurrencies), which can be sold to other game users in exchange for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. This transaction can take place in any of the exchange platforms, markets, or auction houses. Isn’t this idea beautiful? Rather than the time spent on social media, we can make money by tasking our brain to play these games, lol.


Pay attention to this list as they have the potential to give you that extra boost in your income. Personally, I have made a few bucks playing these games since I started exploring the world of NFT games and I must say the opportunities are amazing.

1. The Sand Box

The Sandbox crypto game is built on: Play, create, own, govern, and earn. The main utility token of this game is called SAND. It allows users to build, monetize and own their experiences playing the SANDBOX games.

Holders of SAND also have voting rights on the vital decisions of the ecosystem at Sandbox. A player of the sandbox game can create NFTs(digital assets), put them on the market place and share them with makers of the SandBox games.

The game has successfully mixed blockchain with mainstream gaming and has formed a formidable team with over 50 partners.

By offering the quality of interoperability, digital scarcity, true ownership, and the ability to monetize they can attract crypto and non-crypto lovers.

It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to help individuals monetize, own, and create their gaming experience. The sand is an ER-20 utility token also built on the Ethereum blockchain and all transactions undertaken in this game are done using SAND

The game ecosystem consists of the Voxel editor, marketplace, and game maker that work together to make the play to earn possible with the sandbox crypto game.

So play to earn success on SandBox game is measured by how much SAND you can gather/

2. Battle of Guardians

This is built on BINANCE SMART CHAIN AND SOLANA NETWORK. It is an NFT fighting game that supports multiplayer; these players earn rewards when they defeat others. Simply put they get paid for mental energy expanded.

This NFT fighting game was incubated by Good Games Guild with its metaverse containing play-to-earn features. It’s a PVP arena NFT game birthed by the Unreal engine.

Battle of Guardians divides the characters into 3 races namely Humans, guardians, and demons. Intelligence, damage, and health points differentiate these races.
The digital asset acquired by those who play this game is Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting points ($FP).
It tries to correct them, earn, and no play ecosystem of previous blockchain games. Players can test their agility and skills whilst earning their worth in $BGS and $FP.

BGS brings fierce battle into metaverse; it has a marketplace for trading NFT characters or fighters and items. It is also for renting where owned NFT assets can be rented out to other skillful players to play and earn. It also provides scholarships for scholars and guilds on a shared agreement where NFTs are leased and earnings shared.

3. Axie Infinity

I am certain one or two friends must have talked to you about this wonderful game.

A Vietnamese developer created this game and got launched in 2018 by Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity is based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) just like other crypto games you’ve heard of. It is built on Ronin and Ethereum blockchains with a superb play-to-earn business model.

It resembles Pokémon games and it’s simple to play. You have to take hold of Axies which are creatures in the game ecosystem. Axies can liken to digital pets. You’d be required to train the axies and use them to fight other players.

Playing the game gives you rewards that can be converted into digital assets. This game is similar to cryptokitties because you can breed and train Axies.
The Axie Infinity game can be played on Smartphones and PCs and requires a crypto wallet and metamask account.

To get started with Axie Infinity, you need to first buy 3 Axies. And will be what you need to play around with before you can acquire more dreaded beasts.

You get paid on this platform when you collect Smooth Love Potion (SLP) which is gotten from daily logs, completing adventures and PVP battles won. The SLPs gotten can be traded in exchange for digital assets. Also, the Axies gotten can be sold in various marketplaces for crypto. Your profit margin is determined by the performance of the game and the basal cryptocurrency.

By playing the P2E model game the right way you can be sure of making passive income by acquiring AXS (Axie Infinity shares) and SLP (Smooth Love Potions) which can be exchanged for Ethereum in the marketplace.

4. Idle Cyber

This RPG hero collection game is built on blockchain technology. Players can fuse, summon, and battle mysterious creatures which are always trying to take the earth captive.

This play-to-earn game has 64 characters shared into four categories and can be bought with NFT digital assets. It is backed by Starpunk, CryptoMinati Capital, Megala ventures, and raptor capital and its token is $AFK.

The alpha version got released in 2021; other versions like Market tower rush and World Bosses are billed to be released this 2022.

To win battles you have to build Cybers and use the right skills to fight and win battles. The attractiveness of its interface and the P2E model keeps players coming back for more and this game was able to raise $1.5M in public sales. Three models of the game are available namely; play the game, p2E and GameFi, all built together to make the game interesting and maximize profits by trading their NFTs in various crypto marketplaces.

5. CryptoKitties

This is one of the early attempts to utilize blockchain technology for leisure. This came to be by the genius ideas and creativity of Dapper Labs in Canada.

The game permits users to buy, collect, train and sell virtual cats. The game presents you with lots of earning options like trading cats within the community, crack puzzles, building collections and getting rewards, pursuing the limited editions of fancy cats, growing adorable cats with rare traits, and having games played in the KittyVerse.

Players own the cats 100% and no two cats are the same, they can’t be destroyed or taken away, or replicated. The preceding process can take longer, especially for fancy cats which get released every 30 days and can attempt collecting from other players.

A player competes against the clock to breed a cat before it gets locked out by a timer, after which it becomes unavailable and can only be purchased from other users.

You need a few bucks in your Ether address to get started with cryptokitties. Followed by Metamask or dapper linked on your browser and then to cryptokitties site. Now you are ready to breed your cats by adding more traits and to sell to others.

6. Gods unchained

This is another Ethereum blockchain-based crypto game, that affords you the privilege of owning verifiable cards (tokenized assets). These cards are rare, share values like physical card games, and can be traded.

The play to earn model of God’s unchained is similar to the popular Hearthstone game called Heroes of Warcraft which has characters themed with fantasy and you get to take turns to play cards and defeat the enemy.

Those already familiar with hearthstone will find that it is just a similar game with crypto incentives and rewards.

The game itself isn’t built around the blockchain but its cards are tokenized as a non-fungible token that can be traded. Here the cards can be bought and sold, unlike most games where the rights to sell cards is reserved by the company.

After onboarding on the platform, you are given 70 free cards which give you the freedom to use the games’ basic decks. Other cards are available under expansion packs and can be gotten as your game rank progresses. Additional packs can be purchased using fiat currency. They come in shiny legendary, rare, or epic legendary. The packs sell for as low as $2.49 or as much as $149.99.

Also, chests consisting of six-packs per piece can be gotten from Immutable, for $14.99 (Rare) and $149.99 (legendary).

Individuals can also trade cards using the in-game marketplace. And this is linked to the Ethereum wallet (Metamask), which helps you utilize cards earned while playing the game within the game ecosystem.

7. Illuvium

This game combines NFTs with a unique virtual world to reach users. It’s a play to earn battle royal and RPG built on blockchain.

It tries to improve game quality for NFT gamers by providing an intense graphic display and a beautiful user experience. The makers have successfully merged gaming (GameFi) and crypto. Illuvium wows users by providing games that are profitable and exciting.

By playing this game you can earn ILV which is the main token. This can be staked to earn profits at low risk. You do this by linking your metamask wallet and the staking pool. Rewards from staking are paid in sILV.
ILV token can be used to transact amongst players and it’s available in popular exchanges like, Binance, Kucoin, WazirX, etc.

8. RaceFI

This is a racing crypto game where players can earn money for playing and also for owning parts of the game using NFTs.

It is built on the Solana ecosystem and the first car racing game with AI/ML integration.

It has two important features called Battle race and Pure race and two odes: PVE and PVP. In PVP players control the cars while PVP AI controls the car statistics.

In Battle race mode, the cars race against each other till there is only one survivor.

RaceFi is the main token of this platform. And players earn this on the platform and this can be traded in exchange for money in the crypto marketplace and exchanges.

9. RainMaker

This platform unites gamers, games, and guilds offering the opportunity to earn while playing lots of P2E games. It serves as an access point for different P2E games.

Beginners start with non-NFT games and then progress to use NFTs. The last level of users becomes guild verified.

RAIN is the token of the platform and can be acquired and traded in the crypto marketplace. RAIN can also be staked to earn more rewards.

10. Polygonum

This is a P2E game built on blockchain. Its main utility token is called POG (Project’s Native token). Gamers can acquire POG which is an NFT token that can be sold in the marketplace and various crypto exchanges. This POG token is built on Binance Smart Chain.

The game is very interactive, it combines the open globe with cryptocurrency, Defi game, and NFT marketplace.

The game is kicked off with a pandemic that wipes half of the population of the world leaving survivors who are now the players of the game. These players will explore the globe which is in 3 locations, each of these locations the player will have to go through and perform specific tasks. The 3 locations are:

1 PVE Spot

You go fishing, mine minerals from forests and caves, hunt carnivores and herbivores, and complete NPC missions.

2. FARM spot

Here you will purchase animals, pets, and pet foods and get some sources from them. You’ll also lease land for cultivation and end by planting a tree.

3. PVP spot

You fight with other gamers and take their loot, defend and take over the territory by building barricades, and end by battling zombies.

You earn on the platform by getting POG which can be sold to other users in the NFT market place or you stake it to get rewards. Sources and coins can also be mined in the game and skill points are given for time invested in playing the game.


The advantages of these crypto games are too many.

People are now able to make money from their hobbies.

Through P2E crypto games, the gaming community has undergone tremendous development

It enhances the use and global adoption of blockchain technology

P2E games are beneficial to all be it developers or gamers.


The game ecosystem is now focused on money and with time we might leave out the fun aspect of playing games.

Often times the entry price may be high and out of reach for many.

Gamers can incur some loses


Play to earn has revolutionized the game industry and people can now make money doing what they love. Maybe you are looking to explore other ways to make money then this article on the best crypto games to make money is for you. You can sign up and game your way to wealth.

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